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We are Physics Equipments Manufacturers in India, Physics Instruments like Ammeter, Ball and Ring, Bar and Guage, Compound Bar, Calorimeter Copper, Dip Circle, Dip Needle, Electric Bell, Fly Wheel, Glass Rod from last three decades
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Calorimeter Joules
Nickel plated copper calorimeter of 63 x 63 mm lagged and enclosed in an outer vessel of 80 x 90 mm ..
Capillary Tubes Apparatus
Metal frame with six glass tubes of different bores,each of 150 mm length, fitted with corks, to sho..
Mains operated electronic timer reads 0 to 99.99 seconds. The display comprises of four 7 segment di..
Charle Law Apparatus
Mounted on wooden stand nicely polished with heavy metal base, finished in grey colour, having level..
Compound Bar
Brass and iron, 200x25 mm, rivetted, with wooden handle. ..
Plated brass,each conductor on insulated stand ..
Convection Of Heat In Air Apparatus
Metal box, 230 x 75 x 75 mm, with sliding glass front and two detachable glass chimneys, with one ca..
Crooks Radiometer Single
Cylinderical Lens For Ray Box
Glass, Biconvex, Focal length approx. 15cm.(+14D). ..
Daniel Cell
Comprising a heavy-gauge copper outer vessel with an internal perforated shelf for copper sulphate c..
Deflection Magnetometer
A: Comprising a stout metal box, 100mm diameter, with aluminium dial graduated in degrees 0-90 four ..
Demonstration Dynamo Model
The motor is mounted on a base with a driving wheel.Output is through 4 mm sockets and a low voltage..
Demonstration Induction Coil
Heavy gauge enamelled copper wire, approximate resistance 0.5 ohms wound on former 110 x 30 mm lengt..
Demostration Meter
Diffraction Grating
Transmission Type 30 x 25 mm. available 15000 lines per inch. Plate covered with mounted in plastic ..
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