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We are Physics Equipments Manufacturers in India, Physics Instruments like Ammeter, Ball and Ring, Bar and Guage, Compound Bar, Calorimeter Copper, Dip Circle, Dip Needle, Electric Bell, Fly Wheel, Glass Rod from last three decades
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Hare Apparatus
A three limbed glass tube is mounted on a wooden stand with a scale for each of the two 600 mm tubes..
When cathode rays are focussed on wax coated on the outside of the upper round head of cathode ray t..
Heating Effect Wax Coating
Vertical tube with two parallel wire cathodes at two end of tubes with third electrode to serve as a..
Hexa Keys
Hook Law Apparatus
Consists of a 12 cm long mirror scale, a spring with provision to hang masses. Supplied without mass..
To show the maximum density of water. Sheet iron cylinder 203 x 50 mm height x diameter, mounted on ..
Horse Shoe Magnet Chrome Steel
Magnet, Horse Shoe, Chrome Steel with keepers ..
Hydraulic Press
Heavy, two cylinders of 40 mm & 15 mm diam. with pistons fitted with non-return valves, worked b..
For determining specific gravity by Archimedes principle.With one pair of long frames and one short ..
Hypsometer Regnault
For the determination of the upper fixed points of thermometers and boiling points at barometric pre..
Ice Pails Faraday
Aluminium, set of four nesting cylinders, largest of size 125 x 140 mm diam x ht. The smaller pails ..
Induced Current Apparatus
Consisting of primary coil of insulated copper wire wound upon cylinder with terminals, secondary co..
Insulated Socket Terminal
With moulded captive head, 4mm. Socket, nuts and washers. The screw top will clamp ordinary connecti..
Insulated Spade Adopter
To convert ordinary screw terminals for use with 4 mm plug connectors. This adapter consists of a st..
Iron Filling
Available in pack of 100 gms,250gms,500gms and 1 kg. ..
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