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We are Physics Equipments Manufacturers in India, Physics Instruments like Ammeter, Ball and Ring, Bar and Guage, Compound Bar, Calorimeter Copper, Dip Circle, Dip Needle, Electric Bell, Fly Wheel, Glass Rod from last three decades
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Model Of Steam Engine With Boiler
Operation of a commercial steam engine is well illustrated with this working model. The extra large ..
Multimeter Analog
Pocket size multimeter is self-contained portable test set that mesures a wide range of Voltages. Cu..
Multimeter Model Digital
Newton Colour Disc
For demonstrating that white light may be composed from all the spectral colours by rotation of mult..
Newton Ring Apparatus
Pair of glass plate, optically polished, 60mm diameter one plane the other plano-convex mounted toge..
Oested Apparatus
To show the action of electric current on a magnet. Cobalt steel needle 75 mm, long with agate beari..
Optical Bench Double Rod
Bench has two steel rods, one of which is graduated in mms. with heavy metal end supports with level..
Optical Bench Single Rod
One metre long, single square steel rod accurately graduated fitted on two sturdy metal feet with le..
Optical Bench Wooden
A wooden base board with one meter scale divided into mms. with following accessories.: ..
Optical Disc
A 500 mm diam. disc marked every 5° is mounted on a heavy stand and is rotatable ar..
Organ Pipe
Varnished wood, with glass front and membrane suspended on cord for loading with sand to show positi..
To show principle of reflection, with two plane mirrors fixed at 45°, overall size 250 x 45 x 45 mm,..
Photo Electric Cell Unit
Mounted on base, with 4 mm, colour coded sockets, with circuit diagram printed for demonstration...
Physics Optic Kit
Consists of: 8 Plano-convex lens fl 500mm, 1 Pla..
Pith Ball Electroscope
A plated brass pillar mounted on bakelite base supporting two pith balls in unspun silk...
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