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We are Physics Equipments Manufacturers in India, Physics Instruments like Ammeter, Ball and Ring, Bar and Guage, Compound Bar, Calorimeter Copper, Dip Circle, Dip Needle, Electric Bell, Fly Wheel, Glass Rod from last three decades
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Plates For Simple Cell
Each plate is 125 x 10 cm length x dia of different metals...
Platinum Resistance Thermometer
For showing the principles of platinum resistance thermonetry and for accurate temperature measureme..
Plug Key One Way
Two brass blocks with 4mm insulated terminals are mounted on a moulded base, an accurately tapered p..
Plug Key Two Way
With three brass blocks, each with a 4mm insulated terminal and two standard tapered plugs to fit th..
Polythene Rod
For use as insulators. Length approximate 30 cm. and 13 mm. dia...
Post Office Box, Plug Type
A: Plug type, in polished teak wood box with hinged lid and black bakelite panel lined in white colo..
Post Office Box, Wheatstone Bridge
Decade Dial type, with 6 decade (two decade having 4 ratio arms 1, 10, 100 and 1000 ohms and decade ..
Prism Glass
A. Non-optically worked, with polished faces, edges slightly bevelled. Nominal angl..
Project Tile Apparatus
Showing that horizontal and vertical motions are independent of each other. Consists of a wooden blo..
Pulley Metal
A. Aluminium pulley in metal frame, single, double and triple. B. Aluminium pulley in metal frame, s..
Pulley Plastic
Pulley plastic in frame single, double, triple...
Ray Box
Provide a simple means of producing single or multiple rays of light for use in elementary optics. M..
Reading Telescope With Scale
The telescope is mounted on a specially designed carriage with support ring to stop abrupt falling. ..
Rectilinear Propagation
V shaped tube, To show cathode rays are generated only vertical (lower electrode) irrespective of th..
Repilsion Tube Gold Steen
Vertical tube with two parallel wire cathodes at two end of tubes with third electrode to serve as a..
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