Chemistry Instruments

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For drilling uniform and straight holes in cork or rubber stoppers. Cast-iron frame with wood platfo..
Cast iron, for softening corks evenly, by rolling, without increasing the porosity. To accommodate c..
Cork Rubber
Solid superior quality rubber resistance to acid, alkali and ammonia, suitble for schools, colleges ..
Translucent, highly elastic, odourless, suitable for use over a temperature range -50 to 250 Deg.C, ..
Solid superior quality wooden corks. Available in different sizes..
Nickel/Black plated steel wire,rolled flat at joint,jaws corrugated on inside,with bow. Available i..
Crucibles Silicon/Nickel
Low form, glazed inside and outside, translucent, with lid. Also available nickel..
With in built silicon Oil bath and Stirrer. Asjustable heating rate and Stireer speed. Range upto 27..
Available in different sizes...
Stainless steel,with asbestos lined rectangular jaws giving an extremely firm grip to flasks of any ..
Made of brass, lever handle, spring loaded, locking arrangement to ensure rotation does not go beyon..
1.Asbestos 2.Acid Alkaline Proof 3.Latex..
Suitable for laboratories, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,Glass plants etc. particulary useful for heati..
For demonstration of the decomposition of water, determination of chemical composition by electrolys..
Hot Plate
Laboratory Hot Plates of 20.5 cms. diameter cast iron machined to a smooth and levelled surface is f..
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