Chemistry Instruments

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Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer
For simultaneous heating and stirring of solutions. A cast aluminium hot plate is mounted above a va..
Two thermometers mounted on scales -10 to 60°C & -20 to 140°F, with water container for ..
For precise adjustment of height of equipment above laboratory table, with screw operated scissor ac..
A simple single pan balance with two ranges 0-250 x 1 gm and 0-1000 x 5 gm. Die cast aluminium alloy..
Nickel plated steel,for lifting globules of mercury.Length 20cms approx...
Non-warping wood, 25 mm wide, double scale in mm, figured every cm. The scales on the two edges read..
Muffle Furnace
Made of thick mild steel reinforced with iron angles. Heating chamber consisting of rectangular hori..
Ostward Viscometer
The relationship between the intrinsic viscosity of a polymer solution and the relative molecular ma..
Extra soft quality, conforms to Govt. specifications, resistant to acids, alkalis, pack of 10 meters..
Multi-coloured, showing solids, liquids, gases in separate distinctive colours with symbols & na..
pH indicator paper, universal, pH 1-10, including colour scale, pack of 100 leaves...
Accurate, reliable, rugged and stable pH meter for laboratory and field...
Made of rubber, with thick walled neck...
Pipette Bulb Teet
Rubber for use with dropper pipettes. Capacity: Small , Medium ,Large ..
Made of neutral glass, bulb form, single graduation on upper stem, permanent graduation. AVAILABLE I..
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