Chemistry Instruments

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Pipette Microlitre Fixed Volume
Simple pipette filler for use with bulb and cylinderical pipettes up to 25 cm . Easy to use with fin..
A range of economic, accurate,variable volume micro-pipettes.Models 0.5 ul to 5000 ul. They are full..
Calibrated for delivery to jet. Last drop expelled by blowing, permanent amber graduation. Clour cod..
Platinum wire or foil fused into glass rod with internal lead, with rubber stopper and glass protect..
Designed to accept observation tube upto 220 mm length. Its improved rotating half shadow system at ..
Retort Ring
Malleable iron, ring and arm of strong circular section, with open boss fitted with thumb-screw to c..
Complete with rod, cast iron base, painted in blue/black colour and with hole. Iron rod 12.5mm diame..
Roberval Balance
Simple model, capacity 2 kg, body made of cast iron and pans are of metal...
For use in experiments involving the measurement of cell EMF under condistions of forward, zero, and..
Double ended,flat blades...
Stainless steel, one end flat, other bent up...
PELLET KNIFE flexible blade with parallel sides,in wooden handle. Blade Length: 10, 15, 20 cms. ..
One end flat and the other end spoon form...
Glass, with cap, wick and metal wick holder...
Sheet die pressed with wooven wick in metal holder, screw on cap. Capacity 100ml. Metal: Aluminium, ..
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