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Tube Delivery
Soda glass,outside diameter 6 mm. Set of four comprising 1 - Short,Straight, 70 m..
Tube Glass
Supplied in length of 0.5 meter approx.Pack of 30..
Tube Latex
Seamless, translucent very flexible, suitable for connections to glass. Length 93 cms...
Tube Rubber
Extra soft quality, conforms to Govt. specifications, resistant to acids, alkalis, pack of 10 meters..
Tube Rubber Extra Soft
Ordinary pressure, extra soft thickness, conforms to Govt. specifications...
Pressure die cast aluminium alloy, other parts are of plated brass, cork lined, ensures firm grip at..
6-Place Stainless steel, size 332 x 220 x 90 mm height, 90mm internal depth with integral constant l..
Double walled, electric, automatic templerature control. Inside chamber made of st..
Cylindrical, made from thick aluminium sheet, with two handles and a set of concentric rings. Dia: ..
With built-in Electric heating circular water bath. Anodised aluminium, 200mm diameter x 125mm deep,..
Hemispherical, made of thick aluminium sheet, with two handles and a set of concentric rings. Dia: ..
Water Still
Casted aluminium, electrically operated wall mounting, body and condenser jointless. Specially meant..
Made of brass, chrome finish, inlet tail is threaded 1/2 inch BSP outlet tube is made out of 15mm br..
Weight Box Chemical
Chrome plated brass weights, in polished velvet lined wooden case, with hinged lid. Divided compartm..
Weight For Sonometer
For sonometers, iron casted, finished in synthetic hammer, set of 5 including hanger, each 500 gms. ..
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