Chemistry Instruments

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Weight In Series
Polished brass, supplied with wooden block, as illustrated. Capacity:500grams, 1000grams, 2000grams..
Weights Fractional
Physical 1 mg to 500 mg. made of special alloy, complete set in plastic round case...
Weights Of Masses Slotted Brass
Brass, plated, 20g hanger with nine slotted masses, each of 20g, total 200g...
Wire Copper
This is general-purpose high conductivity enamled copper wire with a thin coating of flexible insula..
Wire Eureka/Constantin
A copper nickel alloy of low temperature coefficient suitable for resistance coils etc...
With folded edges...
Wire Manganin
An alloy of manganese, nickel and copper, having a low temperature coefficient. This wire is particu..
Wire Nichrome
A nickel-chromium iron alloy specially suitable for high temperature applications such as heating el..
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