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Pigeon Dissection System
Pigeon Dissection System Model ..
Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Plant Model ..
Place of Embroyo in Uterus
Place of Embroyo in Uterus Model ..
Plankton Net
Made of No. 12 standard silk bolting cloth, 125 mesh per sq. inch 89 cm. Long net suspended by musli..
Potometer Farmers
For measuring the rate of uptake of water by a cut plant shoot. The apparatus consists of a central ..
Potometer H Type
Plastic, die moulded, compact, to hold slides 75x25 mm, vertically in pre-numbered grooves, provided..
Potometer Simple
For investigating transpiration and water absorption by cut shoots. The apparatus comprises a glass ..
Precision Rotary Microtome
A fully dependable sectioning equipment designed for precise sectioning of tissues upto 1 micron thi..
R.N.A Set 16"x22"
R.N.A Set 16"x22" ..
Rabbit Dissection System
Rabbit Dissection System Model ..
For demonstrating and measuring the oxygen uptake in respiring material eg. germinating seeds. Glass..
Root Pressure Manometer
For determining the pressure exerted by the sap flowing from a stem stump. Manometer graduated 0 to ..
Rotary Microtome
A standard sectioning equipment, economical and simple,yet providing all facilities of a standard ro..
Scalpel Handle
Strong alloy handless slotted to accept blades...
Simple Auxanometer
To show the growth of plants and the effects of environment on the rate of growth. It comprises of a..
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