Biology Instruments & Models

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Simple Respirometer
A complete unit for comprising rates of absorption or evolution of gases by small organisms, during ..
Slide Box Wooden
Plastic, die moulded, compact, to hold slides 75x25 mm, vertically in pre-numbered grooves, provided..
Slide Cabinet
A wooden cabinet for keeping 75 x 25mm. glass slides in vertical position in wooden grooves individu..
Slide Tray Aluminium
Anodized aluminium fabrication. To hold 75x25mm. glass slide in horizontal position. Capacity 20 sli..
Stomata Model ..
T.S. Dicot Leaf
T.S. Dicot Leaf Model ..
T.S. Dicot Root
T.S. Dicot Root Model ..
T.S. Monocot Stem
T.S. Monocot Stem Model ..
Tape Worm
Tape Worm Model ..
Thodays Potometer
Consisting of glass tubing 15mm external diameter with sidearm leading to a thistle funnel and taper..
Transpiration Apparatus
To measure the quantity of water given off by a plant. Consists of a glass vessel 250mm high x 50mm ..
TS. Monocot Leaf
TS. Monocot Lea Model ..
Types of Leaves
Types of Leaves Model ..
Types of Roots
Types of Roots Model ..
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