Laboratory Glassware

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Beakers With Handles
These handy jugs, moulded in Polypropylene, are clear, autoclavable and have good chemical resistanc..
Biological Safety Cabinet
The cabinets are fabricated out of thick board duly sun mica clad. Interior surfaces Epoxy painted f..
Bromine Diffusion Kit
Catalogue No. Description ..
Buchner Funnel
Catalogue No. ..
Burette with Screw Type Needle Valve PTFE Rotaflow
Catalogue No...
Burette with Straight Bore PTFE Key stopcock
Catalogue No. ..
Burette with Straight Bore PTFE Key stopcock Schell Bach Stripe
Catalogue No. ..
Burette, Automatic Zero
Catalogue No. ..
Charls Law Apparatus
Catalogue No. Description ..
Claisen Heads, Sloping with 2xB14 Socket
Catalogue No...
Conical Measure
Catalogue No...
Crow Receiver
Catalogue No. ..
Crucible, Gooch type
Catalogue No. Capacity ml. ..
Density Bottle, Calibrated
Catalogue No. Cap. ml Tolerance  ..
Density Bottle, Uncalibrated
Catalogue No. Cap. ml ..
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