Pathology & Laboratory Equipments

Pathology & Laboratory Equipments
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Autozero - With Micro Controller
Autozero - With Micro Controller This colorimeter is an advance version of any exist..
Bio-chemistry Analyzer
Complete Lab : ..
Biochemistry Analyser Automatic
Labtech Autochem plus is..
Biochemistry Analyzer Autochem
Labtech Biochemistry Analyzer for routine chemistry , enzymes & drug levels . It has..
Digital Blood Cell Counter
This cell counter is a reliable, accurate, stable & sleek instrument. It is a Micro ..
Digital HB Reader
Programmable with Memory A very light weight, accurate & reliable Haemoglobin re..
Digital Photocolarimete
Filters 5 filters 400 (V), 490 (B), 520 (G),590 (Y), 650 (R) nm. &nb..
Digital Photocolorimeter
This is very versatile colorimeter for clinics , institutions and agriculture industries..
Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter
Filters 8 filters 40 (400), 49 (490), 52 (520), 54 (540),   ..
Digital Spectrophotometer
The spectrophotometer is a single beam micro controller based visible spectrophotometer ..
The apparatus consists of 4 parts. A water bath with 500 watt heater covered 1000 mI. vessel made fr..
Needle Syringe Destroyer
It is compact & rugg..
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