Lens Holder

Lens Holder
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  • Wooden to take lenses or mirrors up to 76 mm diameter. Comprising as upright 100mm high, with a V shape slot to hold a convex or concave lens, mounted on a rectangular base 100 x 50mm. An index mark is engraved on each end of the base.
  • LENS HOLDER Comprising metal holder with sides grooved to hold lens or mirror of 50mm diamenter
  • LENS HOLDER Spring pattern, to hold lens or mirror of 50mm diameter. V-groove in center of holder. Mounted on 6mm metal rod which fits into standard optical bench mounts and stands. Supplied with bakelite base.
  • LENS HOLDER Cast light metal, for lenses upto 25mm to 63mm diameter, with V-arms mounted on stem 9.5mm diameter.
  • LENS HOLDER Round made of unbreakable PVC material, to take lens or mirror of 50mm diameter.

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