AZM 60

AZM 60
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  • Dual light stable stand with ball bearing focusing controls.optional stands with fluoroscent lights,Boomstand,Bonder arm,Double bonder arm
  • Binocular/Trinoular Tubes, 45oinclined,360orotatable,IPD 55-75mm , with Dioptric adjustment on both oculars
  • Wide field eyepiece 10x/20mm paired
  • Continuous Zoom ratio: 1:6.4
  • Magnification: 7x-45x(with 10x eyepieces)
  • Built-in illumination system 12v-15W Halogen Reflector Type,incident light & sub stage 12v-7w Fluoroscent transmitted light
  • Auxillary ObjectivesL: 0.5x,1.5x & 2.0x (optional)
  • Accessories : Darkfield attachment, Polarizing Kit, Ring Light, Fiber opticillumination,Goose neck Dual fiber Optic ,Adapter for CCD Camera,Adapter for Digital Still Camera

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