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Cat No. Product
1001312 Blast Furnace
1001313 Blast Furnace (Smaller & Economical Size)
1001314 Open Hearth Furnace
1001315 Bessemer Convertor
1001316 Electric Arc Furnace


1001318 Hoffman’s Kiln
1001319 Model of Ammonia Ice Plant
1001320 Model of Refrigerator
1001321 Working Model of Dumper
1001322 Working Model of Bucket Trencher
1001323 Working Model of Crawler Crane
1001324 Road Roller
1001325 Bulldozer Model
1001326 Working Model of Scraper
1001327 Working Model of Belt Conveyor
1001328 Working Model of Bucket Conveyor
1001329 Working Model of Chain Conveyor
1001330 Working Model of Screw Conveyor
10011331 Model of Cooling Tower


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