Biochemistry Analyser Automatic

Biochemistry Analyser Automatic
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Labtech Autochem plus is a touch screen based Auto Biochemistry analyzer with built in peristaltic pump and flow cell, Touch activated graphic display makes it very convenient and user friendly stand alone system for all routine chemistries, enzymes, hormones and durg test. Its advanced unique design of photometer and peristalatic pump assembly ensures long life and high precision.
  • Effective temperature regulation system with Peltier controlled cuvette/flow cell block
  • Dual reading mode
  • Robust system with built in stabilizer.
  • Latest technology with battery back up for 250 test with QC, more than 2000 results.
  • Robust in built 20 Column Thermal printer with 384 stationery heads.
  • Unique circuitry for long lamp life.
  • reliable peristaltic pump with maintenance free operations.
  • Sophisticated software for kinetic graph with built in delta calculation for saturated(high) samples from graphic display without diluting and rerunning the samples.
  • patients ID entry.
  • Editing of saved tests.
  • Human machine user interface: Touchpad and Keypad
  • Built in Incubator
  • Levery jennings and standard deviation graphs.
Technical Specifications:
Human Machine Interface: TOUCH PANEL / KEYpad
Linear measurement range: 0.000 to 3.000 Absorbance Units(A)
Photometric Accuracy: ±2% or 0.007 whichever is higher,from 0 to 1.5 A, ±3% from 1.5A to 3.0A
Drift: 0.007A/hr.
Photometric Linearity 2.2A
Optical measurement Photodiode
Type of Filter: interferance
Wave Length: 340,405,510,546,578 and 630 nm & two Optional
Half Bandwidth: 10nm±2nm
Filter Selection : Automatic by Stepper motor
Flow cell:
Sipping Volume : 300 to 100 µ|
Flow Cell Volume: 18µ|
Sipping mode: Autometic by specially designed Peristaltic Pump
Cuvette Volume: 500µ|
Dry Block incubator:
Number of cuvettes: 12 Cuvettes
Temperature: 37°C
Temperature of Cuvette / flow cell Block:
Method: by Peltier effect
Temperature: 25°C,30°Cand 37°C
Light Source: Xenon Gas filled/ Tungsten Halogen
Warm up time : 90 sec.
Display : 5*Graphics LCD,Negative Blue, STN
Printer: Built in thermal printer
Memory: 64 KB-Non volatile RAM with battery backup
Storage Capacity : 250 open tests , with 30 QS results/test (Normal and abnormal controls) and 2000 Patient results with patient ID
Analysis Mode: Absorbance
  End Point
  Fixed Time
Concentration Calculation: By factor or by Standard
RS232 serial port: 9600 baud, 1 start, 8 data,1 stop,no parity bits
Wattage: 50 watts
Voltage: 115 - 230 Volts + 10%,50-60 Hz.
Operating Position: On horizontal,flat, rigid and vibration free surface
Operating conditions:
Temperature from + 18 to + 35°C
Relative Humidity up to 85%
Storage condition:
Temperature: from - 10°C to + 60°C
Relative humidity: up to 85%
Enclosure : ABS Fire retardant
Size (cm) : 30x38x13.5x(lxbxh)
Weigth: 5.5 Kgs.(Approx)



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